From March 5 to March 10, 2024, a special limited-time menu featuring Nagano ingredients was offered at the modern izakaya “MASU MASU” in TENOHA MILANO, a Japanese cultural concept space in Milan, Italy.

The Nagano Special Menu, offered à la carte for both lunch and dinner, featuring Nagano ingredients arranged by Chef Akiyama. Each menu item had created names that sparked imagination and excitement.
For example, bruschetta is an Italian finger food. “Nozawana Bruschetta”, the Nagano-style version of this dish, is topped with nozawana (pickled turnip greens), salmon, and fava beans, and accented with Shinshu wasabi, which gives it a fresh aroma that wafts through your nose. The fresh aroma of the wasabi on top of the toppings is a perfect complement to the freshness of the bread. Chef Akiyama said, “We are happy to hear that the aroma of fresh horseradish is a new flavor for the Italian people.”
The “Saba Bou Sushi (Mackerel rolled-sushi)” is also full of originality, with delicate apple slices placed on top of the mackerel as a sandwich. The apples, with their perfect balance of sweetness and sourness, are a refreshing complement to the fatty mackerel. It is a new discovery that apples go so well with sushi. I was surprised that they even served gari (pickled ginger) made from apples,” said one Japanese guest who enjoyed the Nagano menu.
For this special menu, Shinshu Wagyu sirloin was shipped directly from Japan. The “Shinshu Wagyu Roast Beef,” which was made from a well-seasoned part of the beef with a texture that melts in the mouth. The Italian customers, who have a strong yearning for Wagyu beef brands, were instantly impressed.
Then there is Shinshu soba (buckwheat noodles), also known as the soul food of Nagano. Although Italy is familiar with pasta made from buckwheat flour, guests were surprised at the unique thirst-quenching and aromatic flavor of Shinshu soba. Chef Akiyama’s strong attention to detail is evident: “We also put lightly roasted buckwheat seeds in the batter of the tempura that accompanies the soba noodles so that the flavors match each other.”
The dessert is “Nagano apple”. The apples are slow-roasted to bring out their sweetness, and topped with red bean paste and vanilla ice cream. Accented with homemade whiskey raisins, it has been elevated to a mature taste.
In addition to the collaboration of Italian and Nagano ingredients, the menu focused on taste and appearance to make it easy for Italian customers to enjoy. Chef Akiyama said, “In addition to the ingredients, we also tried to visually convey Nagano’s culinary culture by serving the dishes on Nagano’s Kyougi (upcycled wooden sheets) and placing green magnolia leaves on the dishes. The special menu was created to delight the senses while pursuing both Nagano and Japanese qualities.
Address:Via Vigevano 18, 20144, Milan, Italy
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