A treasure trove of nature, history and culture, Nagano Prefecture is a place that offers utter serenity. The perfect location to ensconce in breathtaking natural phenomena and find your peace of mind.
Véritable trésor de nature, d'histoire et de culture, la préfecture de Nagano est un lieu qui offre une sérénité absolue. L'endroit idéal pour s'immerger dans des phénomènes naturels à couper le souffle et trouver sa paix intérieure.


Located in the exact center of the Honshu mainland and well known for hosting the 1998 Winter Olympics, Nagano is blessed with a variety of scenic beauty in all four seasons.
Située au centre exact de la partie continentale de Honshu et bien connue pour avoir accueilli les Jeux olympiques d'hiver de 1998, Nagano est dotée d'une variété de paysages d'une grande beauté au cours des quatre saisons.
Nagano's Heritage
Nagano Prefecture is built on coexistence with abundant nature, blessed with its motherly offerings.
Nagano’s terroir is carefully protected and restored by the gratitude of the people, and has been carefully handed down to the present day.
La préfecture de Nagano est construite sur la coexistence avec une nature abondante, bénie par ses offrandes maternelles. Le terroir de Nagano est soigneusement protégé et restauré par la gratitude de la population, et a été soigneusement transmis jusqu'à aujourd'hui.

Rooted in deep nature & rituals

While Nagano’s vast nature offers many blessings, its environmental aspects such as the incredibly heavy snowfall and mountainous & volcanic land base create challenging obstacles in daily life. Coexisting with its terroir and utilizing creativity born from these constraints, Nagano is the home to numerous specialties - hidden gems that can only be found here.
Bien que la vaste nature de Nagano offre de nombreuses bénédictions, ses aspects environnementaux tels que les chutes de neige incroyablement abondantes et la base montagneuse et volcanique du terrain créent des obstacles difficiles à surmonter dans la vie quotidienne. En coexistant avec son terroir et en utilisant la créativité née de ces contraintes, Nagano abrite de nombreuses spécialités - des joyaux cachés que l'on ne trouve qu'ici.

EDITORIAL:Nagano beneath the surface

Diving deeper into the mystique world of Nagano,
UNEARTH editorial series reveals the history and cultural background,
offering an in-depth look into the specialities of Nagano.
Immergendosi nel mondo mistico di Nagano, la serie editoriale UNEARTH rivela la storia e il background culturale, offrendo uno sguardo approfondito sulle specialità di Nagano.

EDITORIAL: Shaping the connection

Connecting Nagano to the world, the AFFINITY editorial series focuses on talents and events abroad that shed light to the cultural, historical background as well as specialities of Nagano.
Liant Nagano au monde, la série éditoriale AFFINITY se concentre sur les talents et les événements à l'étranger qui mettent en lumière le contexte culturel, historique et spécialisé de Nagano.
  • 2022-11-01

    TENOHA MILANO will be hosting a physical NAGANO POP-UP experience at their shop during the entire month of November, where various products from Nagano Prefecture will be available including sake, craft gin, food products, condiments, tableware and kitchen items, and accessories.
    All products are also available through TENOHA E-SHOP from November 1st to December 31st. Bring a little bit of Nagano home with you!

    SHOP Location: TENOHA MILANO Via Vigevano 18, 20144, Milan, Italy (+39 02 8808 9147)
    ONLINE SHOP: https://shop.tenoha.it/en/collections/nagano

  • 2022-10-09
    NAGANO special menu at LE PETIT KELLER, Paris

    From November 1st to the 5th at LE PETIT KELLER, chef Kahori Endo will present a limited edition menu inspired by Nagano using ingredients specially sent from the heart of Japan. Originally born in Nagano, chef Endo is known for her healthy and natural Japan inspired cuisine. Come indulge in her heartwarming restaurant in Paris!

    RESERVE HERE: +33 1 43 55 90 54
    Duration: November 1st (Tue) – 5th (Sat)
    Opening hours: 12:00-14:30 / 19:30-22:30
    Location: LE PETIT KELLER, 13 Rue Keller, 75011, Paris, France

    Read more about KAHORI ENDO

  • 2022-10-08
    Taste of Nagano – SHINSHU GASTRONOMY – : Tasting course at TENOHA MILANO

    TENOHA MILANO welcomes you to try a Nagano Prefecture tasting menu, from November 5th to the 8th. From small appetizers and refreshing cold matcha soba, to a mouth watering Shinshu Wagyu Steak and, this tasting course highlights the beautiful flavors Nagano Prefecture has to offer. Enjoy special sake and gin especially imported from Nagano along with the dishes, and spend a relaxing night at TENOHA MILANO.

    RESERVE HERE:https://hello.tenoha.it/naganodinner-eng
    Duration: November 5th (Sat) – 8th (Tue)
    Reservation Slots: 19:15-21:00 / 21:15-23:00
    Location: TENOHA MILANO Via Vigevano 18, 20144, Milan, Italy +39 02 8808 9147